4 unmissable experiences in Korea

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Tourism is big business – over £6 trillion is spent in this sector every year, for example. South Korea is one of the countries that has recently benefited from this tourism explosion. It’s long been one of the most important industrialized nations on our planet, but now it’s becoming increasingly important as a holiday destination as well. Visitors to the country are fascinated by the way of life here, as well as the country’s creative cuisine – which now has a strong reputation all over the world. Of course, South Korea is also a good choice for classic tourism. A moving history and futuristic, modern buildings await visitors here. But that’s not all: in a survey, international tourists voted the South Koreans into the top 10 friendliest hosts worldwide. Here are four unforgettable experiences that visitors to South Korea should not miss.

All Seoul in view

Image by Bundo Kim on Unsplash

The N Seoul Tower is located just outside the South Korean capital and was built back in 1980. Its height of just under 240 meters may not sound very spectacular at first, but that soon changes when you consider where it was built: on top of Mount Namsan, which is also about 240 meters above sea level. From its publicly accessible platform, the N Tower therefore provides some impressive views of Seoul and its surrounding areas.

Teddy bear lovers will find something extraordinary inside the building: a teddy bear museum! You can dine elegantly in the integrated restaurant, which is located at an altitude of 133 meters.

Experience historic South Korea

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In every respect, the new South Korea impresses with its vitality and modernity. But one must never forget that the country also has a turbulent history, as well as some very interesting buildings and cultural assets. Gyeongbokgung Palace, built during the Joseon Dynasty, is a particular highlight. At that time, South Korea was in a period of great prosperity – which also produced architecturally sophisticated buildings in other parts of the country. Literally translated, the name of the palace means “radiant bliss”. The royal apartments have been faithfully restored and can be visited.

Between amusement park and modern architecture

Image by Ziggymaster on Wikimedia

The Lotte World adventure complex, an indoor amusement park that offers much more, is destined to stand as an example for modern South Korea. Here you’ll find a fairy tale castle, reminiscent of Disney’s Cinderella castle, and roller coasters that are perfect for fans of fast thrills. Located on the edge of the complex, the Lotte World Tower is one of the ten tallest buildings on the planet.

Where the locals relax on the weekend

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In a ranking of different nations, the South Koreans are commonly counted among the most industrious. It’s true, in fact, that workers here do not have much vacation allowance compared to Western countries. For South Koreans, then, the weekend is a very important part of their week – and they like to cram as much fun as possible into these two days. Haeundae beach in Busan is a particularly popular spot for South Koreans at the weekend. This offers the finest sand and the clear waters of the Japanese Sea. In the summer it’s often visited by celebrities, and in the evening the neighboring promenade is full of many options for partygoers.

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