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Who is brave and free from giddiness? You?! Very good, me too, that’s why I venture to walk on the suspension bridge Highline179 near Reutte in Tyrol. Zum deutschen Blog.

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What makes this Highline179 to a special suspension bridge? With its length of 406 meters (1332 ft), it is said to be the “longest suspension bridge in Tibet style”. It stretches at an altitude of 114.60 m (374 ft) over the valley and  the  busy road  B179, hence the name Highline179.

certificate Highline179

How to get there

Down in the valley, most of the brave visitors probably use the large, chargeable parking lot before stepping through the  gate of the fortress Klause into a kind of courtyard. Here  you  will find a playground,  a museum, the  shop,a restaurant with hotel and of course the ticket machines. Here we have to decide whether  we use the cabel car (Ehrenberg Liner) that goes steeply up the mountain or take the steep walk uphill.

entrance in the valley

Since I had a cruciate ligament surgery on my knee not long ago, it is easy for me to make the decision. I take the cabel car. We get a combined ticket, which  is somewhat discounted together with the entrance to the suspension bridge. The ticket is scanned at the respective entrance, so that the Highline179 can be accessed once from both sides.

entrance to highline179
entrance to Highline 179 and Castle Ehrenberg

The lift needs less than 3 minutes  to get to the top, it probably takes about 20 minutes on foot. Everything is barrier-free,  so that wheelchair users and strollers can also enter the suspension bridge. It is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., but should not be used in strong winds or snowfall.

Arriving at the top, we go downhill first and then uphill again to the bridge. We pass again through a part of the old fortification of the castle ruins Ehrenberg, which is perched on a mountain above us and can also be visited with the ticket. If you want to hike even higher, you can  still walk to the fortress at the Schlosskopf-mountain. Unfortunately, this is not possible for me for the above-named reason.

top of mountain Schlosskopf
fortress on mountain Schlosskopf

On the bridge

But now I want to cross the bridge! There is not much goingon, although we got nice weather right now. The light is already quite  soft, because it is late afternoon. Beautiful to take pictures! The bridge is made of steel,the railing  on  the  sides reaches  up to my shoulder, the part that stretches over the B179 is  fenced up. The bridge itself consists of large steel rust parts, i.e. the view down is clear.

Tyrol, on Highline179
a long way to the other side of Highline179

After a few steps I notice that the bridge sways, although hardly a breath of wind blows. Up to 500 people could walk on the Highline179 at the same time. I am glad that only a very small percentage are here at the moment. So my husband and I can take photos undisturbed and  stand in one place as long as we like. The view of the castle Ehrenberg, the steep mountains behind it, over the valley to Reutte and to the other side to the high mountains is simply fantastic!

Ehrenberg Liner and Highline179
Ehrenberg Liner, Highline179, Castle Ehrenberg

Some visitors seem to feel a little queasy, because they move very slowly and do not let go of the railing. Momentarily, there is also a mask obligation on the bridge, but at least in the time we are here, it is not controlled.

On the Highline179, it´s swaying…

On the other side

On the other side of the Highline179,  we go to the left some few meters to a lookout point.  It offers a magnificent view of the castle ruins and also of the higher up fortress. The view into the valley is even further than from the bridge. To the other side of the Highline179 there is  a steep  gravel path to Fort Claudia. It is located on the opposite side of  Ehrenberg Castle and was built in the middle of the 17th century. It was built at the instigation  of the Tyrolean regent Archduchess Claudia.

wall at Fort Claudia
inside Fort Claudia

From here, too, there is a magnificent view of the mountains and the valley, which was then controlled from the castle and this fort.  

We want to go back, because dark clouds are visible and a thunderstorm can also be heard in the distance.

Tyrolean mountains
view from Fort Claudia

Ehrenberg Castle

We still visit the ruins of the castle that was built in 1296. In its history it has often changed the owner, because of a conquest by somebody else. The way  up is fixed, but with a stroller or wheelchair probably not passable, because it is very steep.

ruins Castle Ehrenberg
inside Castle Ehrenberg

The ruins are imposing and larger than might be assumed from below. It is currently being renovated and in a few years there will be a kind of arcade,which will make viewing the ruins of Ehrenberg Castle a little easier and safer. At the moment you should be tread-proof,  because the steps are also uneven. But you will be rewarded with a great view again.

view over Reutte
view from Ehrenberg Castle over Reutte in Tyrol

But now we go down again, our stomachs are growling. The small but very lovingly designed playground just below the entrance to Highline179 is now empty. The families have already made their way back.

We call the elevator again; it only takes a few minutes and it stands empty in front of us. Probably a total of 15 people fit in. But we go downhill on our own. I am glad to have chosen the elevator, because the sky looks very grey now and the wind has increased. Maybe we still get to our car on dry foot…

old cannon
inside the entrance wall to Castle Ehrenberg

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view from the other side
Castle Ehrenberg and Highline179 from the other side

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  1. Ist definitiv vorgemerkt. Ich hatte die Ecke eh bereits auf dem Plan stehen für nächstes Jahr, da kommen solche coolen Ziele genau richtig. Das schaut schon beeindruckend aus, muss ich sagen 🙂

    • Gabriela
      October 15

      Dann bin ich mal gespannt, was ihr dazu sagt! Ist schon toll!
      Viel Spaß dort.

  2. October 14

    I am so afraid of heights but this bridge looks so impressive! Next time when we are in the area I have to go up there.
    Best regards,

    • Gabriela
      October 15

      Dear Sanne, it´s absolutely worth the try!

      Best regards

  3. October 14

    Ich bin ja auch total fasziniert von solchen Hängebrücken. Ich war bisher auf der Geierley und auf der TITAN RT… die hier fehlt mir auf alle Fälle noch. Schade ist natürlich, dass dann solche Highlights die Menschen besonders anzieht. Abseits der Brücken ist es dann meistens sehr leer. Das heißt eben, viele wollen einfach mal “drüber” laufen und das wars dann. Ich persönlich kombiniere so etwas dann immer mit einer schönen längeren Wanderung.
    Viele Grüße

    • Gabriela
      October 15

      Liebe Tanja,
      wir wären unter normalen Umständen auch hochgelaufen, aber den Lift zu testen, war ja auch nicht schlecht 😉
      Wir hatten ja Glück, dass nicht so viele Menschen unterwegs waren, da konnten wir das Erlebnis mit viel Muße genießen.

      Liebe Grüße

  4. October 11

    Auch wenn ich gestehen muss, die Natur ohne alles menschliche, mag ich noch wesentlich lieber. Die Highline 179 aber ist schon richtig klasse.
    Mehrfach habe ich sie besucht und darüber geschrieben. Faszinierend, wie sich alles immer wieder neu entwickelt, was dazu kommt und was überarbeitet wird in diesem spannenden Areal.

    Viele Grüße, Katja

    • Gabriela
      October 11

      Liebe Katja,

      ich finde es auch immer wieder spannend, welche Veränderungen es gibt, wenn man nach Jahren mal wieder an einem Ort war, der einem vielleicht ganz besonders gefallen hat.
      Mal sehen, wann es uns wieder dorthin verschlägt!

      Liebe Grüße

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