In Cape Town

Cape Town

Now my clients and I have arrived in Cape Town. (Go to the German blog.) So far, our trip went smoothly. And that’s the way it should stay.

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Gisela, our tour guide, who accompanied us throughout the journey from Johannesburg, through the Kruger National Park and the Garden Route to Cape Town, would like to introduce us today to the beauties of the city at the southern end of the African continent.

view from Signal Hill to Table Mountain

Signal Hill

We travel by bus from Premier Hotel Cape Town to Signal Hill, opposite Table Mountain. It wraps itself elegantly in clouds again, as if it does not want us to visit it. We pass many cyclists and joggers on this narrow street, where also many cars park. I admire Michael, our bus driver, as he circles through them with our big bus.

The view from up here is already great, it’s a bit chilly so early in the morning here in fall.

in Bo Kaap

Downtown Cape Town

The trip continues to the Bo-Kaap, the former Malays part, which has been home to many colorful houses since the 1960s. We take a little stroll through the district, then it goes on to Company’s Garden, the former garrison garden. Next door is the South African Gallery, the Library and the Jewish Museum.

old tree in Company´s Garden

We stroll slowly through the beautifully landscaped garden with its old trees and the not afraid squirrels, which demand a tribute from us or then even nibble on the shoes, if it´s not working with the nuts. That doesn’t bother me, they are really too cute!

Squirrel in company´s Garden

It is now noon and suddenly we see the first cable railway going up Table Mountain. Now my customers are no longer in the mood for anything else. The rest of the program will be deleted, we want to go up there!

On Table Mountain

So Michael drives us to the valley station of the cable car, yet hardly anyone is here, because the internet still says that it is not in operation at the moment. But the ticket booths are open and we get started quickly. The second gondola up is already ours!

Cape Town
on Table Mountain in Cape Town

It spins during the ride, so that a panoramic view is granted for all. Sportive people walk the way up under us. There are several ways up. Depending on the starting point, every hiker must expect at least 2 hours.

Arriving on the plateau, there are several circular routes, all are well maintained and rangers take care that no one leaves the paths or throws trash into the landscape. It is very international here, many languages can be heard. But the sound is all excited about the fantastic view and especially the great weather. For once it is completely calm, the clouds have cleared away from this mountain, while the surrounding mountains are still partly wrapped like in white cotton.

The Waterfront

Gisela and Michael bring us to the waterfront in Cape Town after this highlight. If it’s even possible, it’s even more international here.

at the Waterfront in Cape Town

Despite the great weather, countless people are bustling around in the large shopping mall and certainly as many outside, just at the “waterfront”, at the (yacht) harbor. Many well-known international companies have shops here and the location of this mall shows itself in the pricing. Could you buy one or the other quite cheap in South Africa because of the good exchange rate, certainly not here. The prices are at least on German level, nevertheless, people do a lot of shopping here.

Quay Four in Cape Town

In the “Quay Four” we even get a seat on the terrace and order a cool drink and really tasty sushi. It’s great to watch the action below and the sun is shining from above.


Of course there should also be a dessert. The V & A Foodmarket is ideal for this. Right at the beginning is an ice cream shop and of course I cannot resist. Sooo delicious … This is the place to really wake up your appetite. Much is also suitable as a gift for your loved ones at home. Anyway, better than one or the other “standarounds” that otherwise get dusted in the closets.

dogs, that look for a new family

There is another Mandela monument in front of the door, but I am more impressed by the dedicated people who are trying to get dogs from the shelter to new owners. They brought the boys with them and everyone can deal with them directly. A “switching clock” runs along. So many have already found a new, hopefully good home.

Who likes, drives back to the hotel for a bit of a rest or walk along the beach promenade. The hotel is less than 100 meters from the coast and the sunsets here are really great to see! Swimming is not possible here. The water crashes here in high waves at the rocky coast and also it is rarely warmer than 16 ° C throughout the year.

Table Mountain
Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

In the evenings, the group splits up and goes either in the vicinity, where there are many smaller or larger restaurants (I recommend the Mojo Market with many small food stalls and live music) or takes one of the inexpensive taxis and returns to the waterfront.

The sun is setting as we arrive. There is still a lot going on and the shops are open until 9 pm on Saturdays. The clouds above Table Mountain turn pink, the harbor is bathed in a mild light. Gorgeous! We choose the “Fire Fish” restaurant. It is not cheap, but really has a great meal. Of course, with lots of fish and seafood, but also meat and vegetarian dishes. Behind glass walls, we can watch the ups and downs at the harbor and street musicians entertain everybody more or less well.

Cape Town
Waterfront in Cape Town at night

Cape Town is really beautiful, but you should not forget that there is a lot of poverty here as well. The huge townships around the city bear witness to it.


This year, the Cape has the biggest water shortage since people commemorate. All are called to extreme austerity, of course, also the tourists. 50 liters of drinking water are given to everyone. Of course, this also includes showering, washing clothes, etc. Most of the pools are not in operation and sprinkling the garden or washing the car are of course absolutely taboo. But that does not tarnish our journey. We all quickly learn that it is enough to shower for two minutes and instead of washing your hands, even a disinfectant is sufficient. Hopefully the rainy season will start soon, the time has come.

save water, not only in South Africa

What else am I doing in the Cape region? In my next blog post you will learn more and I look forward to your comment! If you want to read something about the Kruger National Park, then go this way.

view from Table Mountain
on Table Mountain

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on Table Mountain

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  1. Paul Svedersky
    May 26

    Beautiful photos, Gabriela. Glad you got to see Table Mountain!

    • Gabriela
      May 30

      Yes Paul, it is absolutely amazing!

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