Mallorca in winter with a toddler

Winter activities in Mallorca

For five days in January we fly with the whole family to Mallorca. (Deutsch hier.) We are 4 adults, 1 barely six year old and a baby. This is a different short trip, as we do it otherwise.

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flying over the Alps
over the snowy Alps on the way to Mallorca

We know that almost everything is closed for the winter on Mallorca. So what can we do, that the “almost a school kid” doesn´t get bored?

First of all, we hope for some good weather. It helps…

trees on Mallorca
typical Mallorquin landscape

We arrive very early on Thursday and so we have all day long. To be flexible and mobile, we rented two cars. We brought the children’s seats, because they would have been almost more expensive than the whole car hiring.

hotel RIU Bravo
the swimming pool at the RIU Bravo

Activities all over the island

Our hotel, the RIU Bravo, is located on Playa de Palma, here are some more hotels open during winter time. So we take a long exploration walk along the beautifully designed beach promenade. Digging in the sand and throwing shells into the surf is fun at any time of the year and makes even more fun on the deserted beach.

deserted beach at Palma
Playa de Palma in winter

For the baby, our little granddaughter, this does not matter; she has got the best view from her stroller.

In the afternoon, it´s time to learn swimming in the hotel’s warm indoor swimming pool. Our grandson loves to be in the water.

For the next day we have planned a longer trip. First, we´ll take a look at the glass blowing company Menestralia. We are the only spectators in the large blackened hall.

artisan at Menestralia
glass blowing at Menestralia

The glassblower shows us his art and designs in front of our amazed grandson a horse of glass and shortly after a cat, which he gives to the enthusiastic child. How long will this fragile glass animal survive in the impetuous hands of the little one?

Impressionen von Mallorca

On the way back at Inca, we turn right into the mountains. We drive through picturesque small mountain villages. Higher and higher the road is winding. There is very little traffic on our route, so we can always stop for a moment to enjoy the wonderful view over the island. Up here in the mountains it is very cold in January. Good to wear our winter jackets.

going over Mallorca
driving around Mallorca

At the Mirador de ses Barques, we have a great view over Port Sóller, which we will visit next. At the port we find some playgrounds for the “big” child and a café for the adults. Then we head back to the hotel and there is still time for the pool before dinner.

marina of Puerto Soller
in Puerto Soller

On Saturday we take a walk through the capital Palma. The cathedral impresses us a lot. Our grandson is looking for skulls and counting them. So he is busy and we got time to take a closer look at the church. Then we stroll through the city center and have an ice cream. In a bakery, we can even have a look through a glass floor at the diligent bakers while working.

bakery in Palma
glass bottom bakery

Then we take the bus to the aquarium. It is wonderfully empty here and so we have plenty of time and space to watch the diverse sea-dwellers. Jayden even gets an exclusive talk about starfish and sea cucumbers with one of the employees.

fishes in an aquarium
at the aquarium in Palma

In the outdoor area, he romps about on the air cushion and the large playground. And soon it is already dark again and the day is almost over.

Cap Formentor and Cuevas del Drach

view over Cap Formentor
lighthouse at Cap Formentor

On Sunday we again plan for a longer trip. Cap Formentor attracts us. After an involuntary break due to a flat tire, we arrive a bit later than planned. During winter season there is few traffic on this picturesque street with the many viewpoints. The light is optimal for taking pictures, it is very soft, but a strong wind is blowing, which does not invite us to stroll around for a longer time.

sun on the sea
light and shadow

The photos are taken soon and then we have a go for the last guided tour in the Cuevas del Drach near Porto Cristo. Will we see a dragon? As much as Jayden is looking for it between the stalagmites and stalagmites, today the dragon probably is already sleeping. A ride in a rowing boat over the underground lake ends our cave tour and then we head back to the hotel. It’s getting dark and we are hungry.

dragon caves
inside Cuevas del Drach

Tomorrow morning we’ll fly back home. Although many attractions in Mallorca are closed during winter, there are enough activities for a prolonged weekend, even if the weather might not be the best.

Cuevas del Drach
inside the Dragons Cave

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setting sun
Mallorca sunset
Good bye beautiful island!




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