My sailing boat trip in the Adriatic

From Dubrovnik via Korcula and Bar in Montenegro to (Anti-) Paxos

My husband and I are standing in front of the MS Panorama in the port of Dubrovnik in the Adriatic. (Zum deutschen Blog.)

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MS Panorama in Dubrovnik
on the MS Panorama

Whoever has followed the series “Game of Thrones” will know Dubrovnik as a shooting location. As we have already circumnavigated the old town on the city wall years ago, we don´t do it this time. It is a hot matter! I can tell you! Up there, without any shade, the temperatures can rise to really high degrees, but the view over the red roofs of the old houses is worth the effort!

This bark will be our home for seven nights. We were greeted very friendly by the pier and the luggage vanishes into our cabin. How the ship is equipped, I have already described in an earlier blog. Here is the link.

We explore the ship, while our international fellow travelers arrive slowly. We spend the evening here in the harbor, so “night owls” can still explore the scene in Dubrovnik. Early in the morning we finally leave and drive around the Adriatric islands to

Gabriela and Dirk on the MS Panorama

Just before we get there, we take a swim stop at an uninhabited island. We can swim or snorkel from the boat or take the dinghy to the island to explore the water from the shore. I grab my GoPro and bounce into the water. It is very clear, but fish I see almost none. What a pity!

Adriatic islands
swimm stopp

Around noon we reach the small port of Korcula, which is right on the ramparts of the medieval city. Get off the boat and into the village! At the age of 20 I ´ve been here, it hasn´t changed a lot, even the hotel from then is still there. Many small shops and cafes invite us to shop and dine.

old town of Korcula
view to Korcula

Between the old houses in the narrow streets it is pleasantly warm. It is nice to stroll along them, especially with a delicious ice cream in my hand!

old town of Korcula
narrow walkway in Korcula
the harbour of Korcula
Bar in Montenegro

With the setting sun, we leave the port and we are leaving the territory of the EU. Where to? To Montenegro, more precisely to Bar. The port lies directly next to the rocky beaches, which are well visited. We disembark and go in the direction of the city, make a side trip to a newly built Orthodox church and then slowly move on.

Bar in Montenegro
orthodoxe church in Bar
inside the church

On the way we take a taxi, which brings us to the old city of Bar, which is far up, strategically located in the mountains. The taxi driver promises to pick us up again in 90 minutes. Will that work?

We pay the entrance fee and look at the ruins. We are delighted by the great view that the former inhabitants of the city also have had. In the back the high mountains and in the distance the sea. So every attacker could be seen from a distance.

old houses in Bar
ruins of the old town of Bar in Montenegro
Bar in Montenegro
view from the old town of Bar

In the small shopping street in front of the ruined city we enjoy a freshly squeezed orange juice and wait for our taxi. Unfortunately in vain … So we take another one and drive back to the port. As soon as we are on board, we sail away.

To Greece

Back to the EU and out of the Adriatic. That´s why the captain of the MS Panorama has to report to the port authorities of Corfu in Greece in the morning before we can continue to Antipaxos, our next bath stop.

A quick registry, so it should be on Corfu. We moor early, because we really want to continue fast. Unfortunately, a large ferry boat is also located directly next to us, leaving hundreds of tourists and many cars on the island. The sailors have thrown one of their ropes to dock the ferry over ours and that can unfortunately not be solved. So we have to wait for the ferry to be reloaded … our captain foams with rage, this unexpected delay muddles up l our daily schedule.

harbour of corfu
huge ferry against small sailing boat

When we finally get going, it is quite late in the morning. Until Antipaxos, with its beautiful white beach, it is still a long way to sail.

Misstep in Antipaxos

Once there at Voutoumi beach, we anchor with many other yachts in the bay. Who wants can take the dinghy to shore, where sun loungers, umbrellas and a restaurant wait for visitors. There is also a very small, rather secluded beach, the Mesovikra beach, but it has only large pebbles to offer, so we choose the fine sand beach.

white beach in Antipaxos
Voutoumi Beach in Antipaxos

Two free beach chairs and an umbrella are found very fast and just as quickly paid for. Well, I can´t wait to jump into the warm, turquoise blue water! Gorgeous !!! In the soft surf the sand is incredibly fine and quite white and so it continues into the deeper water. The whole bay is lined with picturesque rocks. On a permanent basis, small shuttle boats arrive and take bathers to and from the beach.

Unfortunately, a large stone, lying between the sunbeds, is a disaster for me. I stumble and hit my left little toe so that I literally see stars of pain. Oh dear, what a sh…!

I just want to get on board and put a lot of ice on the swollen toe. Well, our dinghy is just coming. Laborious I humble over the bridge to the little boat.

Voutoumi bay
good bye Antipaxos

On board I get ice cubes and from a dear companion tape (many thanks to Petra !!!), that I wrap around the toe, so that he does not get crooked, if it is broken. Great! Good thing I got Paracetamol against the pain.

Soon we continue our trip to


where we spend the whole evening. What a cute little harbor! Here, too, anchor countless small boats, the owners enjoy the sunset in one of the many small bars and restaurants.

I try as much as possible not to strain my toe and so I shuffle slowly along the shore road until we settle down to eat at one of the small restaurants.

harbour of Paxos

We order typical Greek dishes, each plate could easily satisfy at least two people. The red wine is extremely delicious, here I could stay seated.

restaurants in Paxos

But we want to sail on. In my next blog post about my Adriatic trip, you will learn where to we´ll go on.

I hope you stay tuned. You can always find updates on my Instagram or Pinterest accounts, as well as on Facebook. I’m looking forward to your comments and likes!

boats in Paxos
Good night Paxos

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