With MS Panorama on a sailing trip

One week on the bark MS Panorama

On big cruise ships I was quite often, but my last sailing experience I had at the age of 19, however also from and to Dubrovnik. Now I’m really curious, how it will be on this bark, the MS Panorama by Variety Cruises. (Zum deutschen Blog.)

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Croatia, Korcula
MS Panorama in Korcula

After one night in the hotel Rixos Libertas in Dubrovnik my husband and I go on board in the afternoon. We are welcomed very warmly and after short formalities we have a look at our cabin. It is small in comparison to a cabin on a modern cruise ship, but all one needs is present, even a fridge that is filled with water every day.

stateroom MS Panorama
MS Panorama cabin with pot hole

The cabins are almost all the same, but some have, like our one a double bed and other 2 separate beds. Some have potholes, others, on the upper decks have normal windows and might be a bit more spacious. As advised, we did not carry normal suitcases, but packed big sports bags. This limits the luggage we carry already quite a bit and so our stuff fits in the small cabinets and drawers and the bag well under the bed. Others are less happy … There is no dress code on board, so we do not need so much choice.

deck chairs
sundeck of the MS Panorama

Before the security drill, which is of course also mandatory here, we still have enough time to get to know a part of our maximum 47 fellow passengers. People come from the entire world, so the on-board language is English. As it turns out, we are only 36 passengers, so we get to know each other quickly.

vacation on the MS Panorama
me on the MS Panorama

In the lounge, we meet our captain and the other crew members. All are smiling all over the face and I really feel welcome. The MS Panorama sails under the Greek flag, so many of the staff come from Greece.

Greek flag
safety boat of the MS Panorama

Part of the lounge is also the restaurant, there is no seating order, we can sit where we like. This way, we get to know nearly everybody. I wonder how the two chefs are able to prepare so many meals in such a small kitchen. Three times per day we get nice meals. Both of them got a lot to do. Breakfast and lunch are buffets, dinner mostly a four-course menu, sometimes a buffet. Coffee, tea, water, fruit and biscuits are always available free of charge, all other drinks are available for a fee.

under sails
the MS Panorama is sailing

During our one-week tour the captain sets sails only once, otherwise we go along by motor, after all, the electrical devices have to work and inside the boat everyone is happy about the functioning air conditioning.

WLAN is available for a fee, but as on most ships quite slow and expensive. During the day we are mostly in a harbor and there internet connection is no problem at all.

Montenegro, Kotor
small ships and big ships in Kotor

A small library, a few company games and the daily video film in the evening are quite the only entertainment program, different excursions are bookable daily. So everyone should be able to entertain oneself, otherwise it could be boring.

inside MS Panorama
Lounge and restuaruant of the MS Panorama

I am glad that I finally have enough time to read my books bought some time ago. Depending on my mood, I prefer to sit back in one of the outdoor seating areas or on one of the sun loungers. There is always room enough, as the bar on the upper deck is also comfortably furnished.

upper deck of the MS Panorama

Again and again, we stop at more or less secluded coves and beaches to swim either from the ship or get tendered to the beach. Snorkel equipment and fins are on board, beach towels are also available.

windy day in the Adriatic sea

All in all, it is an extremely relaxing week with interesting people, new impressions on shore and lots of sunshine. Nevertheless, everyone should know that the MS Panorama is not a small sailing boat, but the ship movement is still always noticeable. However, I even enjoyed the stronger wind while and others were not so fortunate. Before booking such a trip (preferably with me 😉 of course), everyone should ask themselves how “sea save” he or she is. Seasickness can be quite annoying.

the anchor of the MS Panorama

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the sun goes down
sunset on the MS Panorama

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